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I am an author of Science Fiction books. Dominion First Blood is my first book. This mercurial book is action packed, fast paced, and guaranteed to keep the reader turning pages to the end. This wholly original book falls within the Sci-Fi Action adventure genre with elements of thriller and  horror. It combines incredible action, hair-raising scares and big laughs. It will shock the reader into thinking about his own place in the world. Warning: This book may keep the reader up all night!

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"Addictive Sci-Fi Action Adventure
  stories to keep you up all night!"

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If you love Sci-Fi adventure films like INDEPENDENCE DAY RESURGENCE

then you will love this new book


  •     SAS Superhero Bullet Proof Pete
  •      His Sidekick Vinnie the Terminator
  •      The Sexy and Magnetic Vampire Lucia

“This Addictive Sci-Fi action adventure will have you on the edge of your seat. Full of surprises,shocks and thrills. It will keep you turning the pages until the very end!”

WARNING: This book will keep you up all night!